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Why should leaders choose GD Consulting?

The relationship between a leader and a communications professional is unique: part special adviser, part sounding board, part confidante and so on.

If you’re a leader who hasn’t experienced the benefits of a close working relationship with a communications expert, then you don’t know what you are missing. Let us guide you through the dynamic.

Working with GD Consulting provides a safe space for discussion, ideas to be floated, explored, and built on or parked as necessary.

Our daily work for leaders two-fold.  Internal – driving and supporting internal culture and morale; and external – dealing proactively and reactively with all your public relations needs.

As one of our clients recently said:

“When it comes to getting coverage, then pound for pound, GD Consulting is the best in the business. If I needed broadcast, opinion pieces or simply to bounce ideas off someone, Giselle is my go-to expert.”

How do we differ from others?

Leaders are busy. Very busy. We attend every meeting well prepared with opportunities and ways to deal with challenges.

Others tell us that we invest in relationships early, that we’re hard working and bright. Those traits are necessary in an unrelenting news cycle.

We also bring the best, up-to-date information to every conversation we have.

We get to understand your personal drivers and your strategy. We are able to empathise and ghost write on your behalf.

We’ve also got your back. We monitor the media, know which way the wind is blowing, understand that a good idea yesterday may be neutral or worse today. We’ll make and help you make the big and crucial decisions. We’ve advised on mergers and acquisitions, on redundancies, on office openings and major hires, promotions and all points in between.

We don’t do regulated public market work – there are great agencies who do that and we’d recommend sticking to them.

Instead, we focus on making YOU famous for all the right reasons.  We expand and deepen your personal brand which benefits the rest of your organisation. Public perception is important.  We smartly position you as a confident leader working with your internal teams, the media and external stakeholders.

More than just PR

Life as a leader can be lonely. Working with GD Consulting means it’s a little less so.

You may want to rehearse that major speech – or even have someone write it with you. Or prepare for a difficult media interview. Perhaps you need someone to tell you if what you say lands the right way or achieves its objective. We promise to tell you the truth and work with you to finesse it as necessary.

We’ll make sure that your personal profile dovetails with your overarching objectives for your firm or company. We don’t do vanity PR, but prefer to do work that has a purpose behind it and delivers results. Our work delivers value – in business wins – to the whole organisation.

So, we may need to review your key messages, or your brand’s tone of voice and tweak so that it works.



The answer will depend on your objectives. We, however, have a track record of over delivering.

We’re happy to share these with you.  Get in touch.

Let’s talk about how we might create a joined-up campaign that works for you and your whole organisation.

What Happens Next

Information to follow